6 best animation programs for pc you must notice that

6.  Modo
Mode is an ideal application for artists and designers to reduce the difference between computer graphics and photography of real life generated. It is perfect for users with technical knowledge, but also can help you to create animations without having any knowledge of code, but requires some time and practice to master. 501 mode also offers the advantage of being the cheapest program of our comparative ($ 995.00).

5.  Houdini
Houdini is famous for its high-quality graphics. It offers advanced modeling, texturing, rigging and animation of 3D models. You can create entire worlds of 3D content, or you can merge 3D creations with real-world images. It is often included in major film projects that require contributions from multiple applications, as it is an ideal way to synthesize the content produced in other programs tool. Houdini is also very flexible, allowing you to create almost anything you can imagine, is particularly remarkable in the creation of clouds and gases. From $ 1,995.00

MAXON CINEMA 4D  is a more accessible than other software packages alternative because it is more simple to use and the price is cheaper. This program is easier to learn than most competitors, but still has the necessary features for professional use. The large set of tools and accessibility make it particularly relevant for graphic artists who are less familiar with traditional 3D tools. From $ 1610.25
best animation programs for pc

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3. Autodesk Softimage
Autodesk Softimage is ideal for professional use in television, film and video games development. The unique features and tools make it a worthy addition to any animation studio. Autodesk Softimage was king of 3D animation software for a long time, and although his popularity has fallen a bit and its competitors have won positions, remains one of the best options available for modelers and animators. This software is perfect for television, which requires rapid content production and have less budget movies. From $ 3,145.00

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2. Autodesk 3ds Max
Autodesk 3ds Max is one of the best options available today in the market. It is especially suitable for creating video games, but also works perfectly with movies, has many features and offers lot of extra plugins. Its price is about $ 3,675.00

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1. Autodesk Maya
The best 3D animation program for pc is our comparative Autodesk Maya has more features for modeling, color and animation than any other software package on the market. This software simulates more materials than any competitor, including liquid, cloth, leather, skin, hair and muscle. It excels in creating content for movies, but also works great for television and kitting. The only drawback is that it is more complicated to use than others and require more effort and time to master it also is quite expensive (3,675.00).

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