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At its Windows 10 event, Microsoft shows off a convincing prototype that floats 3D images before your eyes and can change the look of real-world objects. So where does it go from here?

With the HoloLens, Microsoft promises it can deliver a true next-gen computing experience while other tech giants struggle to do the same. Microsoft
REDMOND, Wash. -- In the bowels of Building 92, hidden underneath the company's public visitor center in a secret series of labs, Microsoft let a few people try out what may be the most ambitious Windows device ever made: a holographic headset that aims to rival the most advanced virtual reality devices out there.
Microsoft's HoloLens is expected to run Windows 10 and apps -- holographic ones that will float in front of your line of vision and apps that can be run on phones, tablets, PCs and the Xbox One game console. With the holographic programs, Microsoft is trying to transform how we think about computing, productivity and communication. Just as VR rivals Oculus (owned by Facebook) and Google are trying to reimagine virtual experiences with their head-worn devices, Microsoft wants us to imagine a world without screens, where information merely floats in front of you.

"We're not talking about putting you into virtual worlds," HoloLens leader Alex Kipman said Wednesday during an event at Microsoft's headquarters here. "We're dreaming beyond virtual worlds, beyond screens, beyond pixels."

Kipman started working at Microsoft seven years ago, when he pitched the idea for the Kinect motion camera, a video game device that tracked a player's body movements. The Kinect went on to become one of the fastest-selling devices in history.
For the last five years, Kipman has been focused on taking the innovations inside the Kinect -- cheap and powerful motion-sensing cameras, voice control -- and packing them into a pair of transparent goggles.
Microsoft appears far along in realizing this augmented reality vision. With HoloLens today, the company has designed a convincing prototype that floats 3D images in front of you and that can change the look of real-world objects all around. But it's unclear how Microsoft expects to deliver on CEO Satya Nadella's commitment that such a device will be for both consumers and businesses.
Also unsaid: How much it will cost. Microsoft said it expects to release a finished HoloLens within the same time frame as Windows 10, which should arrive sometime this year. The Oculus Rift's various developer kits, on the other hand, have cost upward of $300 in the past, with its consumer model expected to come in between $200 and $400. Samsung's Gear VR headset runs around $350.
Microsoft's glasses are different from Oculus Rift goggles, which promise to transport you to a different world and open up numerous possibilities for film, TV, sports and other entertainment. HoloLens uses a technology called augmented reality, which overlays images onto real life and lets you interact with them. In theory, this is easy, but the biggest struggles competitors have had so far have been to design a headset that can stand alone, untethered from a computer or power source, and travel into various environments. Overcoming those challenges is necessary before mainstream consumers will buy into such a bold vision for next-generation computing.

From Mars to Minecraft

As we're led down the stairs into the basement, we're told that we can't try the more polished, all-in-one prototype Microsoft just showed onstage. Instead, we'll be using an earlier, uglier prototype. The company doesn't allow smartphones or cameras into the room.
The device's holographic processing unit, the special processor Microsoft designed to basically help the HoloLens interpret movement and sound, is cased in a separate, chunky box intended to be worn around your neck. The glasses aren't the sleek, space gray model Microsoft unveiled this morning, but a mass of metal. A long chord tethers me to a pair of PCs that are helping feed the goggles their images.

Microsoft's more polished HoloLens prototype contains an entirely enclosed computer with its own specialized processor, the holographic processor unit, or HPU. Microsoft
Wearing the device is not quite as comfortable as wearing the latest Oculus Rift prototype or Samsung's Gear VR headset. And the image I begin to see onscreen when I strap the lenses over my eyes isn't that much sharper than those offered up by the competing devices.
Rather, the biggest departure -- and where Microsoft is truly differentiating its HoloLens -- is how the image I see allows me to interact with my environment instead of escape from it.
The first demo, created in partnership with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, takes me to the surface of a near-photorealistic Mars. Using real photography from the Curiosity rover, Microsoft was able to re-create a Martian landscape and overlay a 3D-map around a small, conference-room-size environment. I can walk around, bend down and look at rocks. I can even see NASA's Curiosity rover, which is larger than a standard motor vehicle.
With HoloLens, I'm not just able to see what it's like to walk around on Mars, but I'm also able to interact with the contents on the surface. Using a finger gesture called Air Tap, the HoloLens lets me mark certain spots on the surface for investigation and even lets me talk with another floating figure and collaborate on examining the surface. NASA hopes to get the HoloLens up and running as a day-to-day tool at JPL by the summer, allowing researchers for the first time to visualize and map out exactly where Curiosity will drill, traverse and photograph the surface of the planet.

Microsoft worked with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to design a real-time Mars environment for researchers to better control the Curiosity rover's movements and study the planet's surface. Microsoft
Like the Oculus Rift, Microsoft is also pushing the HoloLens as an entirely new way to experience video games. After purchasing Minecraft creator Mojang in September for $2.5 billion, Microsoft now owns the popular pixel building game and decided to create its own holographic demo based on the game's artistic style. The demo turns an entire room into a lively game world, punching holes into tables and through the walls to reveal interactive environments that can be changed with the tap of a finger.
Perhaps the most stunning demo, however, was the most practical: Skype's videoconferencing software. Microsoft had us repair a light switch by video chatting with someone using a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet. Their face bobbed in front of my line of vision while I received instructions. To help us maneuver around the various tools, the Microsoft employee was able to draw on our line of sight in real time, using arrows and rudimentary diagrams to describe the best way to position electronics and how to piece everything together.

An executive confirms Google has no plans to fix a security hole in the default browser for older versions of Android, which are relied on by around 60 percent of all Android users.

People with Android smartphones and tablets running older versions of the mobile operating system -- around 60 percent of all Android users -- are going to have to live with a security flaw Google has decided not to fix.
A known security bug in the default, unbranded Web browser for Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and older versions of Google's mobile OS will go unpatched, Google's chief of security for Android wrote in a Google+ post on Friday.
"Keeping software up to date is one of the greatest challenges in security," Adrian Ludwig wrote. Because the browser app is based on a version of the WebKit browser engine that's now more than two years old, fixing the vulnerability in Android Jelly Bean and earlier versions is "no longer practical to do safely," he wrote.
Google confirmed on Saturday that Ludwig's post is the company's official position on the matter.
The company's decision has upset security experts, who worry hackers will be able to easily target the hundreds of millions of people using phones and tablets that run older versions of Android. Ludwig contends the number of people potentially affected by the vulnerability is "shrinking every day." But for security professionals, it's just not shrinking fast enough.
According to Google's own Android usage numbers, 39.1 percent of its smartphones and tablets run a newer, unaffected version of Android: 4.4 KitKat. The most recent version of the operating system, Android 5.0 Lollipop released in November, makes up less than one-tenth of 1 percent of Android devices in use. That means about 60 percent of Android devices run versions of the OS that included the susceptible browser by default.
The consequence of having so many people running so many different versions of the same operating system is that it becomes far more complicated to protect them, wrote Tod Beardsley, an engineering manager at security firm Rapid7. "Unfortunately, this is great news for criminals for the simple reason that, for real bad guys, pretty much everything is in scope," he wrote in a blog post.
Upgrading to a new Android phone or tablet isn't an option for many people, Beardsley said, because while the latest Nexus phone running the latest version of Android retails for $649.99, Amazon sells new, out-of-the-box Android phones running older versions of the operating system for one-tenth the price.
Ludwig recommends people on Android 4.3 or older use a different Web browser. He suggests Google Chrome, which works on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and newer, or Mozilla Firefox, which works on Android 2.3 Gingerbread and newer. However, switching browsers won't fully address the flaw since it affects the part of the default browser that apps tap into to display websites. Ludwig asks app developers to restrict loading content in their apps that doesn't come from the Android device itself, or over a secure connection.
Beardsley said he empathizes with Google's decision because of the difficulties in updating old computer code. But he said he hopes the company revisits its decision in light of the huge number of people who depend on Android "to manage and safeguard the most personal details of their lives."


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Basic information
Operating System: Android 4.1.2 (jelly bean)
Processor: 28nm Quad-Core 1.2GHz
GPU: PowerVR SGX 544
Memory: 1GB
Storage space: 4GB
Call mode: Dual card dual mode dual standby
Network parameters
Network type: UMTS + GSM
Network band: GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz, UMTS 900/2100 MHz
Network speed: GPRS / EDGE/ 3G / HSDPA / HSPA+
Screen size: 4.65-inch HD
Resolution: 1280 × 720
Screen type: Capacitive touch screen with 2nd generation gorilla glass
Screen material: HD Super AMOLED screen
External Memory: Support Micro SD card, up to 32GB
Sensor: CMOS
Rear camera: BSI 8.0 Mega pixels
Front camera: BSI 2.0 Mega pixels
Video recording: Full HD (1080p) (1920x1080)
Flash: Support
Radio: Support with recorder
Battery Capacity: 2100mAh
Type: Lithium battery
WLAN b/g/n (Wi-Fi), Bluetooth V4, Micro USB V2
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Specifications are subject to change without any prior notice.